PRP For Vaginal Rejuvenation in Portland OR, Beaverton OR

Did You Know That There Is Vaginal Rejuvenation With PRP in Portland?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, also known as PRP, is a therapy used to encourage healing and reduce inflammation, the therapy has been gaining momentum in all medical fields due to its effectiveness, all while using the patients own blood. The Wellness Center PDX uses this therapy for assisting in healing injuries, facelifts, hair restoration, and vaginal rejuvenation. This effective treatment is available to patients in and around Portland and Beaverton. 

FAQs About Vaginal Rejuvenation With PRP

  • What Exactly Is Vaginal Rejuvenation With PRP? :It is a medical procedure that stimulates the development of vaginal tissues using growth factors in the patients own blood. The platelets are placed exactly where they are needed to get to work fast. 
  •  How is This Procedure Performed? : First your own blood is drawn, then sent to the in-house lab to separate the blood components. Then the Platelet Rich Plasma is inserted into the areas of the vagina that need the treatment. The exact area will depend on the reason for the treatment.  
  • Does Rejuvenation With PRP Hurt? : Not really, it is minimally invasive and does not hurt any worse than receiving a shot in most cases. Sometimes a light sedation is used, especially if another procedure is going to be done at the same time. Discuss your concerns with your doctor if you want more sedation.
  • How Long Does It Take?: Each session takes about an hour, with the main time being the platelet removal in the lab. The number of sessions depends on the condition that is being treated, sometimes as little as one session is enough. Recovery time is minimal, and healing starts the same day.  
  • What Does Vaginal Rejuvenation With PRP Treat?: The procedure can be done to rejuvenate your vagina if you are losing elasticity. It can also be done for urinary incontinence and has been indicated to be effective for increasing sexual response.  

Contact us at The Wellness Center PDX for a consultation to see if vaginal rejuvenation is right for your or if you can benefit from the other uses of plasma rich therapy for healing and pain reduction at your local quality wellness center. We want to aid you in your quest for full body holistic health and this cutting edge wholly natural medical breakthrough using your own platelets is a great way to heal fast. Contact us today for your appointment, (503) 389-5545.