The Wellness Center COVID-19 Response

Dear Family and Family Friends Of The Wellness Center,  

This message is to inform you of the changes we are making at our office in order to keep you safe during this rapidly changing situation we are enduring right now.  

As our communities continue to feel the increased impact of Coronavirus, we want to reassure you that the wellbeing and safety of our patients and your families are always our top priority. As a healthcare facility, we regularly disinfect all patient areas and have increased our frequency of cleaning high traffic areas. We are prepared to address the needs of both practices and our patients should the severity of the situation shift. We ask, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath and cough, please stay home. IF you have a cough without a fever you are welcome to come in and we will provide you with a face mask during your visit.  

What we know…. 1. Coronavirus COVID-19 is not ethnically biased. It doesn’t pick any race over another, but it will affect those who are immune-compromised and the elderly. The coronavirus is named for the crown-like spikes on their surface; these were first identified in the mid-’60s and other examples of this same group of viruses include SARs and MERs that we have seen in recent times.  

2. COVID-19: CO for corona, VI for the virus, D for disease and 19 because this novel strain was discovered in 2019.  

3. In animals, coronavirus can cause diarrhea and upper respiratory disease. In humans, the virus usually causes mild respiratory infections, like the common cold, which often self-resolve with adequate rest, hydration, nutrition, and medications for symptomatic relief. However, a small percentage of cases can lead to things such as viral pneumonia requiring acute medical intervention.  

4. COVID-19 emerged from the seafood and poultry market of the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, during the holiday season, and the first case was reported on 12/31/2019.  

5. The symptoms that we are seeing in those who have been infected are: 1. Fever 2. Headache 3. Cough 4. Sore throat 5. Shortness of breath 6. Runny nose  

6. These symptoms typically will self resolve for most infected, but for the small percentage that gets bronchitis or pneumonia, it could be severe. Those with heart, lung, kidney and liver disease and weakened immune systems are the ones more at risk.  

7. Diagnosis is made with a nasopharyngeal swab, but kits are in low supply. I tried to order some from my vendor last week when they became available, but 180,000 kits were sold within 5 hours, so I missed my first opportunity. There are more kits being released as part of the national emergency by the president, but the ER has priority over everyone else and only those who show severe symptoms or those who have had contact with others infected will be tested for now.  

8. SPREAD: 1. It can be made through coughing and sneezing 2. close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands 3. touching objects or surfaces, and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. 4. rarely fecal contamination.  

9. We are taking measures in our office to reduce the risk of transmission while still remaining open to serve our patients and their families needs. These changes include: 1. Keeping social distance in the lobby by providing 3 ft. distance between seats, and patients. 2. Continue our pre-existing protocol to wipe down and disinfect equipment and tables between patient visits 3. Exercising proper hygiene recommendations such as hand washing, hand sanitizer and face masks as needed for employees and patients. 4. Each patient will be treated in one room for the entire duration of treatment, minimizing room transfers and close proximity to others. 5. Using online booking as well as phone booking for those who want to minimize time at the front desk.  

10. Here's what you can do 1. wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 2. avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. 3. cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze 4. clean and disinfect objects and surfaces 5. avoid close contact with people who are sick 6. Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms, especially if you have a fever  

11. Treatment  

 1. There are no known treatments for COVID-19 however we do know it is a virus and it behave similar to other viruses we have encountered. It is best to boost your immune system in prevention rather than waiting until you get sick. 2. At our offices we are offering the IV Myers Cocktail. It is available by appointment only for patients who need immune boosting. Most of our team has already had IV Myers Cocktail. The Myer's Cocktail is high in b vitamins, vitamin c, magnesium and calcium. Many of these vitamins are known to upregulate T lymphocytes and natural killer cells which are responsible for tagging and attacking pathogens like viruses. 3. Viruses hate humid air, which is one reason they disappear when the weather warms up. You could use a humidifier or take a hot shower for now though. 4. Drink plenty of liquids mainly water, because adequate hydration is critical for your immune system function and the balance of your electrolytes. 5. Get 7 hours of sleep every night. 6. Minimize stress because stress just weakens your immune system. stress puts us in survival mode, and fighting off an infection is the last thing your body prioritizes when it's in fight or flight mode. 7. Get out into the fresh air and walk. I'm getting sunshine outside every afternoon, “or whenever the sun comes out”. 8. I'm getting adjusted once a week, to keep my immune system firing on all cylinders. There are studies supporting this. 9. Avoid things that weaken your immune systems such as smoking, alcohol, sugar and unhealthy food. 10. Eat fresh food, drink water and take plenty of vitamins. If you don't have any of those vitamins in stock, you may just consider doubling up your multivitamin for now. Vitamins that help improve immune function include Vitamin D, A, C, B and E. Just be sure to check with your provider before increasing doses of vitamins. 11. If you are a high-risk person, getting a pulse oximeter to see if your oxygen levels drop below the 90% range, might be a good idea. You can purchase one of these fairly economically, and I'm assuming people have put a run on these like toilet paper and water right now.

I haven't lived through many times like this before, and I'm sure social media and 24/7 news have exacerbated the situation, but we are in uncharted territory. It can be very frightening right now and we want you to know we're here to be of service to you and your families and will continue to provide care as long as it is safe to do so.  

In Health, Dr. Mark Gabriel CEO

*** UPDATE 5/18/2020 ***

Here at TWC PDX and TWC Beaverton we have taken certain precautions to help ease the mind of our patients and future patients.

1. All patients are pre-screened on the phone for COVID-19 like symptoms. If you have experienced symptoms or have been in contact of any sort, you will be asked for a telemedicine appointment or asked to reschedule at a later date.

2. Our waiting room, is no longer a room to be waiting in. Chairs, magazines, coffee and snacks are no longer available in the front to discourage cross contamination.

3. First thing, every morning our staff is doing a deep clean for anything missed the night before.

4. All providers are required to wear a mask. Patients are encouraged but it is not required. If the patient will feel more comfortable wearing a mask, a mask can be provided.

5. As soon as a patient checks in, front office will take the patients temperature.

6. Patients will then be asked to wash their hands for 20 seconds before going into treatment rooms.

7. Most doors will remain open to discourage use of door handles.

8. All forms are available online so forms do not have to be handed back and forth.

9. If forms needed to be signed last minute, we have designated areas for used and cleaned pens.

10. Cleaning checklist in every room to show patients their room was cleaned before their appointment and what has been sanitized.

More is being added on as every day we see changes in the CDC guidelines. We will continue to do our part and we appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time.

**UPDATE 06/24/2020**

MASKS ARE REQUIRED as per the state order